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"Boston Local Food Festival, one of Boston Globe Magazine's annual "Best of the New" top 40 food picks of the year in 2010, is produced by Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston (SBN). This festival is built upon the principals of local, green and fair and is Boston's premier food event for restaurants and food producers promoting local food and eaters seeking to support them."

Boston Local Food Festival, October 1 2011

Nearly a million people gather to partake in Boston's annual feasts and festivals. In August, crowds gather to watch Bostonians celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony. Townspeople, dressed in white clothing, huddle together to carry a large statue of St. Anthony through the streets of Boston's North End. The statue is adorned with ribbons, and as it's passed through the crowded street, locals pin money to the ribbons. The people consider this an offering to St. Anthony; the money is later dispersed to charities.

Of course, the Feast of St. Anthony is just one of many unique gatherings that take place in Boston. Visitors who are fortunate enough to arrive in Boston during the warmer months can enjoy the following events, too:

For more on Boston's diverse culinary outlets, check out:

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